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POTS stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, a form of dysautonomia. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating many systems in our bodies, including heart rate and blood pressure. When a POTS patient stands upright their body is unable to regulate heart rate and blood flow properly. This leads to an abnormal increase in heart rate. Because the autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling many bodily functions, POTS can cause a whole range of other symptoms including, nausea, fatigue, sweating, lightheadedness, etc. POTS is estimated to impact between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000 Americans, and millions more around the world. 


10 Facts About POTS.png

The 10 Facts About POTS flyer was created so that patients and their loved ones can easily share the most important facts about POTS with their communities. Print out this flyer and share them wherever you can to raise awareness! 

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